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All the small features that improve user experience or make your life as a maker easier. Host them anywhere you want. Ready to go in under an hour.

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Herald is a changelog-as-a-service application to announce product updates to increase feature adoption, user satisfaction and grow revenue faster.

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Features common to all our products

Built on open source, opinionated, designed for easy deployments, quick access and scalable usage.

Open Source
All code is available on Github. You can download and host it anywhere you want.
Easy Configuration
Plenty of configuration options means you spend less time fiddling to make it work.
Just update your logo and brand colors in theme.js to fit the UI to your brand.
Powered by Supabase
Authentication, database and storage are powered by Supabase.
Light and Dark Mode
Easily switch between light and dark themes or pick one and roll with it. Your choice.
Easy to start and scale
Get going in under an hour. Scale easily as you grow your product.
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